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Ford to improve fuel economy of existing hybrids

Ford is launching a “customer satisfaction campaign” to address shortfalls in fuel economy that CR reported since we tested the company’s current hybrids. Ford will make software updates to new cars and send out letters to existing owners in late… Continue reading

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Fusion vs. Fission and Fission Won

Hurricane Sandy offers an intense comparison between fusion an fission.  The region’s only functional fusion plant, the Sun, handicapped by distance, stunted by late season daylight hours and limited by the sunlit area of the North Atlantic still sent massive energy into the northeast coast of the U.S. hammering the area with rain, winds and […] Continue reading

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The “Money In” Talks About the Rossi E-Cat

The first folks to put up money for the Andrea Rossi E-Cat are the territorial distributors.  Whatever any of us might think, these folks have the wherewithal and fortitude to get in for the business future.  What the business might turn out to be is still quite the item for discussion, but 150 years ago […] Continue reading

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Tri-Alpha Energy Comes Out With Boron Fuel News

Tri-Alpha Energy has allowed a bit of its research out into the world with a 79 page pdf document rich in background, results of the efforts early research, and a surprise about how the potential fuel, Boron (pB11) would react in a fusion reaction.  Hat tip to Brian Wang’s Next Big Future. Tri-Alpha’s position is, […] Continue reading

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New 2013 Ford Fusion makes a good first impression

The Ford Fusion has been a solid, well-rounded contender in the competitive family sedan category since its introduction in 2006, but that Mazda-based design was getting long in the tooth. Ford brought an assortment of newly redesigned Fusions to our… Continue reading

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Can This Idea Save Big Fusion?

Thomas Jarboe, a University of Washington (UW) professor of aeronautics and astronautics with Brian Nelson, research associate professor of electrical engineering; and research associate Brian Victor, research scientists David Ennis, Nathaniel Hicks, George Marklin and Roger Smith and graduate students Chris Hansen, Aaron Hossack, Cihan Ackay and Kyle Morgan, all in UW aeronautics and astronautics […] Continue reading

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The Most Expensive Irrational Optimism for Fusion Power

Yesterday Dr Francesco Romanelli, Leader of the European Fusion Development Agreement (EFDA) and the Joint European Torus (JET) Leader, delivered a summary of the JET results at the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference in San Diego. The conference aims to discuss various options with the goal of building the first demonstration power plant before the middle […] Continue reading

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Yet Another Fusion Process is Coming

Muon catalyzed fusion is another interesting process that could well bring nearly unlimited low cost electrical power to market. Muon catalyzed fusion has been observed for decades, inconsistently and at productivity insufficient to be considered a viable energy source. At least three efforts are underway, in Australia, Japan and Canada.  One, which seems well funded […] Continue reading

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Sandia Lab Releases Info On a New Type of Fusion Device

Sandia is testing a concept called MagLIF (Magnetized Liner Inertial Fusion) that will use magnetic fields and laser pre-heating in the quest for net energy fusion. The idea uses magnetically imploded tubes called liners, intended to help produce controlled nuclear fusion at scientific “break-even” energies or better. The tubes and the system powering them have […] Continue reading

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It Was A Brillouin Day

September 5, 2012 could be a significant day for energy and fuel history.  It was also a very big day for Brillouin Energy with two large news leaks. First is Brillouin has been granted a patent for their hot-water boiler technology in China.  All by itself, getting a patent in China isn’t a real hard […] Continue reading

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