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Big changes coming for daily news at

Starting later this week, you’ll notice a few things different about the daily content we produce at The subdomain will go away. All of the content we produce, including daily news items, product reviews and Ratings, the Consumer… Continue reading

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Magellan SmartGPS navigator may be too smart for its own good

Magellan has just introduced its latest connected device to the world of portable navigation with their new SmartGPS, and we’re already well into testing this creative new device in our lab and on the road. So far, we’re impressed with… Continue reading

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Superstorm Sandy, six months later: An exclusive survey of its impact

Six months ago today—on October 29, 2012—Sandy slammed into the mid-Atlantic region. A new Consumer Reports survey documents the deep disruption and devastation Sandy wrought, along with highlighting the steps that helped victims cope in its aftermath. The Consumer Reports… Continue reading

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16 smart things to do with your tax refund

Spring signals the return of warmer weather, blooming flowers and trees, baseball, and more. And for many of you, it’s also when your state or federal tax refund will arrive. Truth be told, you’re better off not getting a tax… Continue reading

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Get rid of household hazardous waste—and maybe even make a quick buck off your other junk

You’ve neglected it for ages, but now’s the time to get rid of the household hazardous waste—oil-based paints, pesticides, automotive fluids, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, and more—that’s lurking somewhere in your home. Improper disposal—pouring liquid waste down the drain or even… Continue reading

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Navigating doorbuster sales – The best GPS deals for Black Friday

To help you navigate Black Friday sales on portable GPS devices, we have scoured sales flyers from major retailers, identifying the best prices for the deal-crazed shopping weekend. The deals we found all feature navigators from the three major brands:… Continue reading

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TomTom proves that a good car navigator can be spoiled by a bad mount

Portable dashtop navigation devices have evolved through the years to be richly featured, affordable travel aids. As competition has seen the market whittle down to essentially three dominant brands, it has become easier for consumers to choose a good device…. Continue reading

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What are the alternatives for Apple Maps?

Apple Maps, which replaced Google Maps as the navigation program in the company’s new devices, has not been met with universal kudos. And with the news from Google that its iOS-specific navigation app won’t be ready for Apple devices for… Continue reading

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Why the MyFord Touch control system stinks

We’ve never liked MyFord Touch, Ford’s high-tech control design that is spreading to more models across the company’s lineup. Our recent experiences have convinced us it’s high time to detail how the system works and why it’s so distracting. Despite… Continue reading

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An Idea for Much More and Far Better Electronic Efficiency

Since the transistor replaced the vacuum tube about sixty years ago an ever-growing avalanche of electronics has enriched lives.  While the thought about one’s power blocks and power supplies doesn’t seem like much in a home, everyone plus the support in businesses, governments and the data centers of the internet and cloud sum up to […] Continue reading

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