Big changes coming for daily news at

Starting later this week, you’ll notice a few things different about the daily content we produce at

The subdomain will go away. All of the content we produce, including daily news items, product reviews and Ratings, the Consumer Reports magazine archive, videos, and more–will appear on

Don’t worry–you’ll still be able to find all the previous news articles we published over the past seven-plus years. And if you’ve bookmarked, that URL will redirect to If you want to get a feed for the content we create in a particular category, you’ll soon be able touse these links:

Babies & Kids:
Home & Garden:
Personal Finance:

For the time being, you won’t be able to add comments to our articles. (Our plan is to add a new commenting tool ASAP.) But in the interim, look for links in our articles to the Consumer Reports forums, an excellent place to join the vibrant, helpful discussion in hundreds of threads. As always, you can also engage with Consumer Reports’ readers via Facebook.

This change means you’ll see more images and videos of the products we’re covering. We think you’ll appreciate that especially when we’re reporting on new cars, gadgets, and appliances from the big trade shows.

Along with the updated visual presentation, this more integrated approach will bring you a step closer to information on the hundreds of products and services we cover.

What won’t differ is our goal of bringing you insightful articles and videos on appliances, cars, electronics, health, personal finance, babies and kids, and much more. And while it might take all of us a bit of time to get used to the changes, in the end we think you’ll appreciate the new look and enhanced functionality.

We welcome your feedback on these changes and want to know what stories you’d like to see on our new platform once it launches. Check out the new look then and send your ideas and comments to

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